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In darkness feigning bright light
Moving to consume all in its ghastly sight
Leaving nothing but cold fright
Feeding on souls for its sick appetite 

To tranquility we thought it lead
It brought deep destruction instead
Calling on the wretched dead 
Its angry spirit left in its spiteful stead

We never questioned its devotion
But this never counted in our calculation
We eagerly wrote the fateful invitation
For their only lives' damnation 

Rejecting all, it cuts the right
Reaching a terrifying new height
Distributer of an eternal blight 
That which we durst to vainly fight

Sending us to an early grave
Tormenting those it was meant to save
Our minds' worst twisted knave
Bending into our minds concave

With null improvement to anticipate
We darkly dare to embrace our fate
Standing at the Reapers' gate
As our life begins to abate
I based this off of the effects of a clinical trial for a new form of epidural in the 1990s. This drug isn't used now, and was found to cause perinatal hypoxia in some cases. Hypoxia can cause ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, NvLD, fine motor problems, etc., but rarely reduces intelligence. Therefore, the effects can have permanent emotional implications.

It isn't limited to this interpretation, however. It should be fluid as well.
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stopabull1 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very depressing poem, and if you didn't tell me what it was about, I'd have had no idea. Awesome how your writing could have multiple meanings despite what you meant it as. Love it.
dunkelrosen Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
Thanks :) Sorry it was so depressing, I was just in that sort of mood today.
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